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Sicario: Day of the Soldado

After beginning the survey of the film “Sicario 2: Soldado”, spectator learns about the irreconcilable War of the U.S. authorities with the drug dealers, who earn by tranSportation and sale of narcotic drugs on enormous scales. The large part of the criminals prefers to use a Mexican boundary for the tranSportation. Specifically, for this reason the U.S. authorities constantly strengthen on the border protection and presence of federal agents. In spite of this, the criminals nevertheless succeed in finding new ways.

Events unfold at that moment, when the border between Mexico and USA becomes one of the most dangerous territories in the entire world. In order to solve War into its benefit, cartels begin to send into America their people. As the answer the CIA makes the decision to send to the boundary of the operative of Met of engraver and former secret agent Alekhandro. They must be combined and remove the prevailing problem. But along the way Alekhandro it is necessary to return to its arch-enemy in order to bring together personal calculations with it.

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