Curse of Chucky poster

Curse of Chucky

Who's afraid of Milloy red-haired doll with a happy expression on his face? Nobody, and Chucky the doll--this shamelessly enjoys. In a small artificial body lurks the soul of a terrible maniac, who started their own games. Nick, a young woman who cannot come to terms with the suicide of his mother, takes his home elder sister Barbara and her family.

Barbara, a woman being overbearing and strict, came to Nike, to deal with the Affairs of the deceased mother and help her sister to overcome depression. Shortly after their arrival at the threshold of Nicky courier appears holding a parcel from unknown others. In the box lies the same doll Chucky, which immediately attracted the daughter of Barbara and became her faithful friend. When the massacres began to happen around, nobody could have imagined that this involved Chucky, but this is exactly the case. It turns out that 20 years ago he started one very bloody and creepy thing that now, after many years, intends to finish at any cost.

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