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Dear White People

A Dramatic story about four blacks, students of the University of Winchester. Samantha White, sexy mulatto clear leader among friends. At such a young age it leads her to the local radio station. The girl has a fine sense of style, and its extraordinary manner produced already greeting listeners. Usually its transmission begins with big words "Dear White People". Thanks to the activity and creativity, Samantha was offered to become the President of dormitories for black students. Soon they will accept as friendly neighbors, students of many nationalities. During the "obshhagovskih" twists and turns, the girl becomes popular among Americans telecast "Black/White" city.

According to the authors, life Biography of the main character is so diverse and exciting that some told her the facts, you can earn big money. From the very beginning, Samantha and Coco Conners matures conflict situation. Coco considers itself representative of the black race and Thoroughbred, jealous of Samantha, tries to interfere with her life achievements and self-development. The plot reaches a peak when another competitor Samantha Lajonel Higins receives an offer for a position in the printed publication for white readers. Guide newspaper went on such a move to be his informant, which will keep them informed of the development of conflict situation.

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