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Romeo + Juliet

Feature film "Romeo + Juliet" is a modern interpretation of the most famous plays of the great William Shakespeare, filmed by Director Bazom Lurmanom in 1996 year. There is no sadder story. ... The Action takes place in Verona, where two noble and powerful family of Montagues and Capulets lead enmity among themselves. Jousting fights now are not a sword, but with the help of various firearms.

Young hot Romeo meets a beautiful creation in the home of their arch-enemies, the Capulets Crawford secretly on the ball in their home. He later learns that this Juliet Capulet's daughter, but it is too late, he fell in love with and is not going to retreat. "Romeo + Juliet" is a beautiful romantic and tragic love story of two teenagers who in spite of prohibitions, threats and agony eternally love, that makes them the saddest story.

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