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Despite its seven-year age young Matilda is a very smart, talented, visionary and highly unusual girl. With four years and she can read in their years, already knows how to multiply in your head, huge numbers of properly issuing a reply and just knows how to move objects by power of thought and has some supernatural abilities, which makes her a little genius. But own family doesn't notice the genius of Matilda, them there is no case before it. Mother-housewife is too busy with tv, father too busy with work and not even able to remember the name of the daughter, calling Melinda Matilda and his brother just makes that offends his sister.

The girl grows by itself and for itself a caring, and only when entering primary school unique abilities Matilda notices Director Miss Hani. However, much to the misfortune of the girls and the rest of the pupils of the school, good and good Miss Hani comes spiteful, cruel headmistress, Agatha Tranchbol, which turns the school into a supermax prison. True young Matilda is not going to give up, and intends to free the school from the dreaded directress to return Miss Hani.

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