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From early childhood, the protagonist of the Comedy movie "Kingpin" — Roy Munson loves bowling and is a professional player. Father saw Roy have talent to the game when he was a young boy, and over the years, skill guy has reached unbelievable levels. Being an avid player in bowling Roy all their time giving away the game. He has no job, no turns novels with girls, does not drink and does not smoke, he is the ringleader, master game which made him a celebrity. But once a passion for bowling killed Roy and deprived of the right hand that is so necessary for the games. This was the beginning of the end for the poor.

But when Roy learns about holding bowling Championship in Reno with a prize pool of $1 million, then by all means trying to persuade talented boy from Amish communities, Ishmaila, to participate in the Championship under his coaching leadership clear. Everyone has different needs, but money is needed both so Ishmail agrees. From this moment begins the hilarious Adventures of former pros and extremely strange newbie.

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