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From Dusk Till Dawn

Seth and Richard-ischadie hell. Robbers and murderers brothers at the hands of the blood of hundreds of people throughout the State. Their lives they decide to finish the luxuriously: they descend from a huge prison, leaving "with the bow" all police officers on ways of robbing banks and stores, killing law officers and civilians and taking a woman hostage.

Their way is in another State, where a mafia they promised to shelter and quiet life, which they want. In the path of one of the brothers kills the hostage and to cross the border, the brothers decide to attack someone new.
The eye of them gets van families, they begin to follow him and take hostage the whole family and their van is used as a vehicle, as long as this family company did not stop at a funny night club "from dusk till dawn". Everything happens right here and view the movie turns into a fascinating journey into the fantastic world of scary monsters.

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