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Truth, for which he needed money he tries not to spread and requests not apply "buddies" and not to ask any questions. Associates too care question: why does Jerry himself cannot ask or borrow money from the wealthy father of his wife. Our hero, however, refers to the purely personal problems and the fact that his family nothing suspect about his problems. Since it is quite difficult to pull any information he's not verbose.

His superior, father of abducted wife certainly won't resign. ... What father splurge to shell out large sums for the sake for life. Jerry is insidious and subtle psychologist! Jerry for the work special offers to join teammates share and divide 80 thousand dollars for three. But TESTUD, he said that a million. Similarly, Jerry circles all around the toe itself turns out about one million and everyone is happy. But not everything in life is so simple in theory and practice, there are some differences. Coherence and consistency is not appropriate!

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