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Meet Joe Black

Feature film "Meet Joe Black" tells the story of a mysterious young man, appeared at the home of the richest magnate William parish [38] on the eve of his birthday. Fascinating guy with naïve blue eyes is none other than death itself, came to pick up William for his hour came. However, full-grown businessman Parish strikes a bargain with death, which besides are very tired to perform their duties. Under the Treaty of Parish will be a guide in the world of the living and Death with mundane existence until it is enjoy your holiday, and at the end of the holidays it will take Death into another world.

So Joe Black meets with the family of Tycoon, discovers the charm of peanut butter, as well as helps manage business Pjerishu. He also likes the younger daughter of businessman Susan and begins to experience to her feelings. But the Drama is that and Susan falls in love with the body, which opted for death.

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