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Three Kings

The Action film "Three Kings" occur in the year 1991 in Iraqi territory. American soldiers celebrate the end of the War and the expulsion of Saddam's troops from Kuwait. At this time, four soldiers of the U.S. Army: Archie Gates, Troy Barlow, Chief Elgin and Conrad Vig will case, find a map which shows the secret vaults of Saddam Hussein, which store looted gold. Before leaving for home, the soldiers addressed a small Adventure and are sent on a quest by one of the stores.

They find gold, as well as luxurious cars and many values that were hidden by Hussein in one of the secret bunkers. However, the operation to seize gold in the amount of 23 million dollars by seen cruelty that prevails among the Arab population. Man is a creature with feelings and emotions, sometimes some of them can play a cruel joke. Gates and his subordinates have to make important choices-pick up gold and would rather get out or help local militias.

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