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The Punisher

Ostrosyuzhetnyj boevik "The Punisher" is based on the Marvel comic book of the same name and tells the story of a brutal criminal, and former FBI agent. Professional fighter who once served in the Brigade of special purpose, Frank Castle is now an FBI agent undercover. He dreams to conclude their mission and go to work in the Cabinet Office. But doing another job on the fault of Frank HoWard's dangerous criminal son die Sjejnta. Enraged Saint orders to kill the entire family of Castle, but Frank manages to survive.

Having lived through a terrible tragedy it is harvested from the forces and decides to take revenge and Sjejntu all those involved in the death of his wife and child. Castle carefully plans its activities and severely punish the perpetrators. Now he is the Punisher is a vigilante who fights criminals, stopping their evil acts.

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