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As a child, Nikolai began to ask questions that adults could not answer. And being an observant child with an outstanding mind, Nikolai decided to find the answers to everything that interested him. The interests of the genius boy were connected with the mystery of electricity. One day his father told him that the fur of his favorite cat that sparkled under his hand was of the same nature as the huge lightning bolts in the sky. And then Nikolai wondered, and if the world is a huge cat, and who is stroking it, causing lightning? So Tesla grew up and became more and more insistent in his search for truth. After leaving the Croatian village in America, Tesla at one time worked for the famous Edison, but alas, they did not become partners, the ideas of the young visionary did not arouse the interest of the rich Edison. Tesla's life was full of secrets, inventions, and, alas, disappointments.

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