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Clive and Elsa are a married couple with no children. Both husband and wife biochemists scientists who seek to create a new form of life. They combine the DNA of all sorts and create artificial organisms that might bring the profit of the company-sponsor. The ultimate goal of the research and creation of Elzy-Clive hybrid organism that will combine the genes not only animals but also human beings. It is in the long run will allow spouses and other biochemists, move forWard in the search for cures for incurable diseases.

However, the Sponsor agrees to fund the project, which for many reasons, and legal and ethical is controversial. But scientists are not going to abandon their ambitious plans, so Clive and Elsa are taking things into their own hands and continue to research already secretly. In the end, they create a chimera surprising anthropomorphic creature named Drains, which quickly grows and seeks to comprehend the world around us. And soon they will realize that opened Pandora's box.

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